06 January 2008

Today is the day....

That Iain Lee's Sunday Evening Show starts tonight at 10pm till 1pm on Virgin Radio. This show are been fairly hyped up since the announcement on the Virgin Radio site with a new trailer and even YouTube videos.

Thanks to Radamfi from Digital Spy for getting that clip.

You can listen to Virgin Radio from various ways...

  • DAB Digital Radio
  • 105.8 FM (London and South East only)
  • 1215AM (Nationally but in some areas it's 1197,1233,1242 or 1260)
  • Virgin Media channel 915
  • Freeview channel 727
  • Sky channel 0107
  • Tiscal channel 620
  • Virgin Radio Live Feed
And you call Iain Lee on this number

0330 123 1215

Text him on....

(Costs 25p plus Network charges)

03 December 2007

Iain Lee gone National!

Hello readers,

Sorry, I've haven't been posting much thanks to my horrible AOL connection but I've moved to Virgin Media few months ago. So it's all good!

As most of you know, Iain Lee left a few weeks ago at LBC who's been replaced (temporary?) by Nick Abbot. But Iain Lee will be back on the radio in the new year.

Former managing director of LBC and now programme director of Virgin Radio, David Lloyd hired Iain for a new Sunday slot at 10pm-1am starting from January 6th.

He said to MickYNMA from the Tommy Boyd Shrine Forums...

Yeah, pretty exciting. National. Gonna be a similar show, with no more than 8 records per hour thrown in. Same nonsense, mostly callers. Really looking forward to it. What with this and boyd, sunday night is once again the home of exciting radio.

So the show will be sticking to the old format but a bit of music thrown in (Good thing, he hasn't moved to Choice FM then)

Good luck to Iain and we hope it goes very well.



Iain Lee is on BBC London next sunday at 6 till 8pm (FM only)


Iain Lee's Virgin Radio page - http://www.virginradio.co.uk/djs_shows/djs/lee.html

Tommy Boyd Shrine's Iain Lee topic - http://forum.tommyboydshrine.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=144&st=2100

Image from Virgin Radio

21 January 2007

Triple M on Iain Lee's Good Evening

Iain Lee's Good Evening will have Triple M at the start of the show at 7:00-7:30.

31 December 2006

New 2007 Schedule


1:00am - Adrian Allen
5:00am - Steve Allen
7:00am - Nick Ferrari
10:00am - James O'Brien
1:00pm - Jim Davis
2:00pm - Anna Raeburn
4:00pm - Paul Ross (Jon Holmes)
6:30pm - LBC Nightly News
7:00pm - Iain Lee's Good Evening
10:00pm - Clive Bull (Psychic Show)

Key: () Fridays


1:00am - Bill Buckley
5:00am - Best of Clive Bull
7:00am - Paul Ross
10:00am - Jenny Eclair
1:00pm - Chris Hawkins
3:00pm - Kenny & John
6:00pm - Jo Parkerson
8:00pm - Best of Anna Raeburn
10:00pm - Nick Abbot


1:00am - Bill Buckley
5:00am - That Reminds Me with Steve Allen
6:00am - Best of Clive Bull
7:00am - Steve Allen
10:00am - Carol McGiffin
1:00pm - TBC (Quiz?)
2:00pm - That Reminds Me with Steve Allen
3:00pm - Best of Nick Ferrari
5:00pm - Cream
7:00pm - James Max
9:00pm - Best of Clive Bull
10:00pm - Triple M with Iain Lee

Iain Lee won't be in for 1st week of the new year, Nick Abbot will fill in instead.

29 December 2006

Iain Lee wins Celebrity Mastermind!

Iain Lee has won 4th Edition of 2006 Celebrity Mastermind. He beaten the likes of Scott Mills & Bernie Nolan with his subject The Monkees.

21 December 2006

Good Evening?

After many not very good entries, it was decided by Iain to call the 7-10pm Show, "Iain Lee's Good Evening".

Iain's new show will start broadcasting on 8 January 2007. Triple M won't have it's own slot on the weekday slot but Triple M can be on whenever Iain wants to. And Correspondents will be scraped because of most correspondents couldn't be bothered to phone in.

Drinking with Listeners on Wednesday was cancelled because of Security reasons but in the new year, Iain will have a picnic will his listeners in Hyde Park.

On the last The 3 and a Half Hour 3 'Till 6:30 Iain Lee Afternoon Wireless Show featured a number of guests including Dave in The Hackney, Lynn from Forest Gate (who is not fat), Varinder, Gram, Yasser from the Stratford & Barry in The Watford. It was a brilliant show & must listen for Iain Lee fans.

Dave in The Hackney (wipasnapper) from DS & OnTheWireless.NET talked about him coming to LBC towers.

Ok guys....Wow what a show. I was dead nervous at first but then as time flew by I was very cool. I must say...Iain is the nicest person ive met on LBC. Ok i arrived at the studio at 3.50. Must say there was indeed tight security. Agent chris then escorted me uo to the studios. My first impression of agent chris..He does look very nice.

I then saw annabelle's family and congratulated her on her excellent correspondent updates. For a 12 year old i think she is a very very confident girl. Very nice parents she has. Phillip from south norwood was there along with Anne from twickenham. Both very very nice people. Phillip's voice is completely different on the radio than in real life. I managed to see how they ran things behind the glass with helen and lady alex. Both let me had a go with the jingles and dials.

Hehe it was funny to see how many people got red triangles beside their names (Dave from Croydon and Johnloony). We had about 1000+ calls during the first 2 hours which was fantastic.

I was really pleased to see Iain and had a chat about clive bull and vallen during the ads and travel. I wont go into details about vallen but he said clive is a genuine good man and he respects him.

Now lynne ....She is NOTHING as to what i thought about her when she rings in. She is one of the most beautiful women ive ever seen. Iain was genuinely shocked when he saw her. LOL other producers popped in to see what she looked like and they were taking pictures. Even Heather Jingles came in and gave her a kiss(I think hes got a fantastic figure and is a nice man). When she came in she was shivering. Me and Iain couldn't decide if she was nervous or cold. She was a bit freaky in when me and iain were joking about she took it seriously. I couldn't help myself laughing. Overall she is a pretty woman but needs to take things on the chest.

I did take pics of what she looked like. But she did say she didnt want both me and Iain to post it up on the internet.

When my time was up i stayed behind for a bit to see what yasser looks like. Man he is REAL hes no act. Hes got very nice eyes i must say lol. Gram was as grumpy and old but he did made me chuckle when he made some rude comments about Agent chris. Varinder was there. My God the boy is fat. LOL

Dave and Barry... Genius. You can make up your minds about them.

Overall i thought the show was absolutely great. I will miss Iain during the afternoon but also looking forward to hear him back in the early Evening.

Iain Lee will be back on 8 January 2007, 7 till 10pm Weekdays!

19 December 2006

Mike Dicken R.I.P

talkSPORT presenter Mike Dicken has died at hospital today. He was in six car pile-up on A20 yesterday.

Mike Dicken was a former LBC presenter, mainly on London Talkback Radio. He hosted overnight phone-in on talkSPORT.

James Whale will be pay tribute on Thursday night

We give condolences to Mike's family at this sad time.

"My health is not in question"

01 December 2006

Iain's LBC Blog

Iain Lee's LBC Blog could be written by you, each day listeners will have the chance to post about that day's show.

Iain Lee News took part on Friday 1st December & we won and got our post put on the site

There are great posts in this blog but this is a poor excuse for a post.

It's the usual guff today on The Afternoon Wireless with the great loonies & freaks.

Horribly Iain was entering to Mike Dicken territorial (AHHHHH!) with a caller about clamping but Iain has done well & should get a medal. Also he want to get put on hold when he want the hold music from the Royal Mail. If you listen to Friday's show, e-mail & call Iain what the music is & where can he buy the piece of loveliness exploited in the dark deeps of Royal Mail Customer service.

And later tonight Iain will be going to the underground of LBC (rather a tent) to Becky Walsh's Psychic show for a reading (may be a lot of guff but hey). Don't miss that bit of Psychic show.

Good luck to Iain with Becky ;-)

Anyone can win, just produce a good blog post!

Well Done to Katia in The Workshop for winning on Wednesday

- Iain's LBC Blog
- RSS Feed of the Afternoon Wireless Show Blog

27 November 2006

The Last Afternoon Wireless Show

Iain Lee announced that the last afternoon wireless show on the 22nd December will have guests featuring regulars callers & correspondent awards.

On Monday, Stephen Murdoch from IOS Solutions will be coming in to answer computers & gadgets questions & as Barry vs Stephen battle continues.

On Tuesday, Igor from Montenegro will be coming in to talk about his latest Christmas single which was featured on the Clive Bull.

On Wednesday, Eduardo will add a bit of foreign spice with his music.

On Thursday, Frank Sidebottom will be coming in for Music Thursday.

And finally on the last show, Callers from the Iain Lee Show will be coming on including Yasser & it will be great & The Correspondent Awards

Don't Miss It!

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